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Pool Circus

We’ve all been taken on a journey, as local artists Asking for trouble and Russell:Evans have drawn in more than 20 local kids and transformed them into a circus troupe able to turn our local pool into a fantasy world of fun and wonder. Trust and confidence has been built, providing strong foundations for nurturing kids aspirations as well as physical and mental well being through future activities.

Hepburn Skill Store CLUNES Report Front CoverRead the Hepburn Skill Store CLUNES Report

It comes as no surprise to anyone that employment is an issue in rural Victoria, especially for young people. Developed in partnership with Daylesford Neighbourhood Centre, this report helps all stakeholders understand and explore ways to enhance the employability of our community, in particular our youth.

Are You Interested In A Safe And Supportive Community?

At the Clunes Neighborhood House, as part of our strategic planning process for 2018 and beyond we’ve been looking at trends and initiatives across Australia that focus on nurturing safe and supportive networks for children, their families, and ultimately the wider community.

Many of us are aware of the legislation and preventative policies that exist to ensure the safety of children, but few of us probably think about the broader implications of these laws and policies.

We are now forming a Safe and Supportive Communities working party to explore this topic further and investigate how we as individuals and groups can strengthen these outcomes within our community.

If you are interested in being a part of this working party, please contact, pop in at Neighborhood House or call 53454078.




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